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We recommend the following LINKS.  These provide excellent resources for the Catholic seeking answers as regards critical issues facing the Church today.


In the near future, additional LINKS will be added.   If you would like to have your Church, Chapel, or organization listed here, please send an email with a description of your link to:


A LINK listed here does not imply that Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel, the Chapel priest and/or members of the Chapel, endorse all the positions advocated on some websites, nor do we necessarily endorse the various organizations that might be represented by the websites, or the content contained therein.  These are provided merely as information and resources.


(Directory of Traditional Latin Roman Catholic Masses, Chapels, religious organizations)


(Excellent resources for the Catholic concerned with the situation in the Church today.  Wonderful apologetic materials in defense of the true faith.  Chronicles various liturgical abuses in the "New Mass" and the "Conciliar" Church organization.  This is a highly recommended resource).


(Directory of Traditional Latin Masses around the world.  Resources on the Catholic faith, modern Church errors, ecclesiastical music, updates on the crisis in the Church. 

Daily updates on topics of interest as regards the faith, the undermining of the faith, and various efforts of Catholic tradition.  A good resource for those who wish to understand the mind of the "reform of the reform" effort. )


For those interested in events that impact the Cuban American community, we highly recommend "El Nuevo Patria" South Florida's Premier Cuban American Weekly.   Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto is a friend of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel.   For information please contact:


El Nuevo Patria

1393 SW 1 Street, Suite 400/Miami, Florida 33135

350002 Jose Marti Station/Miami, Florida 33135-0002

(305) 530-8787 (News Room)

(305) 698-8787 Advertising Dept. Fax